March 26, 2018


Good Afternoon, Friends, Family, and Fans,

Have I mentioned how amazing you are lately? You guys have been working so hard to promote my book, The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol.1. So hard, that it’s insane. Every five minutes my phone is blown up by your social media awesomeness. Posts, messages, pictures, feedback; your support is ASTOUNDING. I appreciate each and every one of you!

I have a couple things I wanted to put out there. The first being, I would like to travel to your city and do a book launch. I don’t care if you’re in British Columbia, I don’t care if you’re in Newfoundland; I will travel.

Second, if anyone knows of a super cool podcast that would either advertise King Jasteroth or read in excerpt, then shoot me a message. I’m looking to expand my reach above and beyond Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

So now that that’s out of the way, I just want to thank you again for what an awesome Friday and Saturday we had, you guys were great! Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol.1, you guys rock!

Will be featured on multiple twitter accounts and book blogs in the coming week, check back… In the meantime,


Look for us on CRAVEREADS on April 5, 2018


Currently Featured on Digital Book Spot




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