Listen to The Journey to Oclesedor’s Prologue.

Good evening everyone...Tonight, I'm going to share with you a pre-recorded reading of The Journey to Oclesedor's prologue. Thank you to all my friends, family, and fans who showed interest in this... Anything in front of a camera is a big no go for me, but, I can't say no to you. You guys are … Continue reading Listen to The Journey to Oclesedor’s Prologue.


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The Journey to Oclesedor

Prologue Decius Firelight flickered against the ancient slate walls as the men in blue and black masks marched deeper into the catacombs. Footsteps shuffled and scraped the ground, and the soft sound of their cloaks dragged against the sandstone. The masked men halted as they came to a dead-end and silently waited. Decius, a tall … Continue reading The Journey to Oclesedor