Cast of Characters

Hi everyone! I'm super excited to share with you the cast of characters from Volume 1 with a small bio. Drawn by @yultuzay_star. 1. Emily Alvar 24. Female.¬†Half human, half Elvish. Possesses the Inner Eye and is also a lightning wielder. Archer, Bloodreader, and Intermediate Level Apothecarian. Born and raised in The Community. Austin's "older" … Continue reading Cast of Characters

Volume 1 – Back on all Online Retail Sites

Hello everyone! In the next two weeks, we will be receiving our review from Kirkus Reviews. In that time, the updated Paperback with the new cover, updated interior, and collection of professional reviews will be available on Amazon and other sales channels such as Barnes and Noble, Indigo, etc. As some of you are aware, … Continue reading Volume 1 – Back on all Online Retail Sites

The Journey to Oclesedor.

After receiving much valuable feedback, honest opinions, and fairly good reviews about Volume 1, I have effectively applied the critique and constructive criticism to The Journey to Oclesedor (Volume 2). While keeping in mind the elements that you all enjoyed throughout Volume 1 true and strong, I feel more confident as I wrap up The … Continue reading The Journey to Oclesedor.