Beyond the Limits of Our Imagination

I forgot I wrote two prompts last Thursday at the creative writing workshop. I didn't share this one because, well, we had to interpret poetry and I am TERRIBLE at interpreting poetry. The prompt called for us to read, 'The Summer Day' and write our own interpretation of it. If we couldn't write something along … Continue reading Beyond the Limits of Our Imagination

Cast of Characters

Hi everyone! I'm super excited to share with you the cast of characters from Volume 1 with a small bio. Drawn by @yultuzay_star. 1. Emily Alvar 24. Female. Half human, half Elvish. Possesses the Inner Eye and is also a lightning wielder. Archer, Bloodreader, and Intermediate Level Apothecarian. Born and raised in The Community. Austin's "older" … Continue reading Cast of Characters