the flaw in my design

This is the second prompt from my final workshop… We were supposed to write about some kind of light that seeped through the cracks in our life, or something like that. Anyways, this is what I got! My mind was guarded by a fortress my heart built Each stone selected was strategically placed. My walls … Continue reading the flaw in my design

The World You See…

I participated in my final writing workshop in Toronto, (insert sad face), now I must find another... So here is one of the prompts we worked on tonight... It was taken from a poem called The World You See - and we were given the option of writing about Kindness, Forgiveness, or anywhere that particular … Continue reading The World You See…

Love, pain, memories.

Hi everyone, it's Thursday which means I just got back from the writing workshop. Our latest writing prompt was to write down three things we carry in our heart. I chose Love, Pain, and Memories. Of those three things, we were supposed to select one and write about it. Ten minutes on the timer, and … Continue reading Love, pain, memories.

Beyond the Limits of Our Imagination

I forgot I wrote two prompts last Thursday at the creative writing workshop. I didn't share this one because, well, we had to interpret poetry and I am TERRIBLE at interpreting poetry. The prompt called for us to read, 'The Summer Day' and write our own interpretation of it. If we couldn't write something along … Continue reading Beyond the Limits of Our Imagination