The Journey to Oclesedor

Good evening everyone! Tomorrow is the official release of The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol. 2: The Journey to Oclesedor. It will be available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. After uncovering King Jasteroth's secret plot to conquer the Eastern Realm, Princess Ariella and her Royal Guards must embark on the perilous journey to Oclesedor... Want … Continue reading The Journey to Oclesedor

Cast of Characters

Hi everyone! I'm super excited to share with you the cast of characters from Volume 1 with a small bio. Drawn by @yultuzay_star. 1. Emily Alvar 24. Female.¬†Half human, half Elvish. Possesses the Inner Eye and is also a lightning wielder. Archer, Bloodreader, and Intermediate Level Apothecarian. Born and raised in The Community. Austin's "older" … Continue reading Cast of Characters

Book Trailer Alert! Featuring “Legacy of Frost.”

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a great Civic holiday in Canada, a super Caribana Weekend, and overall a great Monday in the world. Today I would like to share with you something special. An old friend of mine from highschool composed a beautiful piano piece called, "Legacy of Frost" for TLOKJ1's book trailer. It's special … Continue reading Book Trailer Alert! Featuring “Legacy of Frost.”