The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol.2
The Journey to Oclesedor

After uncovering King Jasteroth’s secret plot to conquer the Eastern Realm, Princess Ariella and her Royal Guards must embark on the perilous journey to Oclesedor.

However, they soon become the targets of the Commander of the Black Magic Sorcerers and his ruthless fire-breathing abomination. Ariella begins to doubt where the loyalties of her company lie as the troublesome pair effortlessly track her every move. Are the Black Magic Sorcerers’ untimely appearances purely coincidental or is there a traitor amongst them?

Jealousy, obsession, and the struggle for control threaten to tear her company apart before they reach Oclesedor as they’re faced with enemies on the road and in their ranks. Can they deliver the time-sensitive warning and save Oclesedor from certain demise or will King Jasteroth rule once more…


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Editorial Reviews for Volume 1

“A delectably layered fantasy installment by an author in no rush to reveal her series’ darkest secrets…” Kirkus Reviews

“A fearless female protagonist, a mysteriously powerful villain in King Jasteroth, and a growing interest with each new complication…S.L. Wyllie is at her best with her characterization of her villain King Jasteroth. And unexpectedly, she does it all by hearsay. Like Voldemort in the early Harry Potter books, his immense power comes mostly in his mystery…” Independent Book Review

“Packed with adventure, fantasy, treachery, and romance, this book is entertaining in its own right while also laying the groundwork for a series that promises to entertain for many books to come…” RECOMMENDED by the US Review of Books

 “The setting and scenario are unique and interesting…the story moves along at a good pace and is entertaining…” The Booklife Prize

“A wonderfully realized work of fantasy filled with magic, suspense, and romance. The Legacy of King Jasteroth is the first book in a series and will have readers racing to get their hands on the next book. S.L. Wyllie is an author with a fantastic career ahead of her…” Self-Publishing Review

Still unsure about The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol. 1? Read more reviews written by REAL readers on Goodreads.


What is Vol.1 about?

1 (10)

Darkness looms over the Golden Peaks when Ariella finds a mysterious and deadly force in her castle corrupting her family. At the same time, Austin learns the Black Magic Sorcerers who are rumored to be the heinous King Jasteroth’s henchmen, plan to capture Ariella and harness her powers to take over the Eastern Realm. It’s all due to Ariella’s connection to Jasteroth, which Austin knows runs deeper than the identical powers Ariella and Jasteroth possess.  Can Austin protect Ariella from the malevolence hunting her without revealing the truth about her powers? Will they unravel the mysteries in her castle in time with the strange clues they find, or will they be too late?

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Also written by S. L. Wyllie


The Legacy of King Jasteroth Volume 1 Available on Amazon USA, Canada, UK.

The Journey to Oclesedor (Volume 2) Release date: SPRING 2019

Short Stories for readers 18+

They Broke Me Available on Amazon USA, Canada, UK.

It’s Too Late Available on Amazon USA, Canada, UK.

The Beginning of Their Ends 1 Free on KingJasteroth.com/shortstories

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