The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol.1

Sharing an excerpt from my YA Fantasy, The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol. 1.
Find it on Amazon for just 99¢ or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Ariella paused, holding her breath as the darkness shifted. She squinted through the impenetrable gloom; in a few more steps, she’d be at the bottom of the stairs which led up to the study.

She slowed her pace. Stairs, ground, wall, stone. Shadows gathered in the alcove, clustering around a silhouette. She bit her lip. Did she dare call out to the figure? Perhaps it really was one of her brothers? But why were they lurking back there?

There was a faint rustling sound, and the shrouds of darkness vanished. Ariella exhaled softly. She knew she should return to her chambers. She was fortunate the entity hadn’t spotted her. Against her gut instinct, she tiptoed past the stairwell and into the nook beyond.

Holding her candelabra up, she was astonished to find the tapestry was missing. In its place, illuminated by the faint glow of her candle was an old mahogany door. It was uncanny to the door upstairs: tall and wide with black irons and chains hanging across it, sealing it shut.

A feeling of absolute dread washed over her as she stared at it. Something was wrong with that door. Something terrible was behind it. Then, the all-too-familiar sound of steel scraping stone echoed from the other side, louder than she’d ever heard it before.

Ariella slowly backed away, her hands and legs trembling with fear. On the fourth step, her back brushed against something solid. She froze, and her stomach plummeted as she felt the darkness around her shift. Slow, ragged breaths tickled the back of her neck, sending her heart into a thunderous frenzy.

Knees nearly buckling, she turned to face it. There was nothing behind her. The corridor was dark and empty. Ariella sighed with relief. Now she really needed to get back to her chamber. She stepped forward, her legs still shaking from the near encounter. As if she crossed an invisible line, the candlelight extinguished, plunging her into darkness…

99¢ or FREE on Kindle Unlimited // YA Fantasy

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