Volume 2 is here!

Good evening everyone!

Tomorrow is the official release of The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol. 2: The Journey to Oclesedor. It will be available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

After uncovering King Jasteroth’s secret plot to conquer the Eastern Realm, Princess Ariella and her Royal Guards must embark on the perilous journey to Oclesedor…

Want to read an excerpt of The Journey to Oclesedor?

Acknowledgments in The Journey to Oclesedor.

The Journey to Oclesedor is on GoodReads!

5 thoughts on “Volume 2 is here!

    1. Hi Kim! Yes, I am so excited for today, just waiting for Amazon now… And the next book is actually 1, I am rewriting parts of it… when that is finished I will move onto 3. I am very very ecstatic about everything. ❤❤❤

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