Two Faces,

I did two writing prompts today, this is the second. It was a prompt about the myth, two roads overcame the hyena. We were supposed to write about conflict, being divided, or wanting to do two things at once. Ten minutes on the timer, and this is what I came up with…

Two Faces

A face of goodness, of fire,
and of light.

But, there is another
lurking beneath.

A face of darkness, malice,
and malevolence.

Two Faces,
carved into one mind,

like a line in the sand,
and on either side,
a choice.

Two Faces,
divided by conflict.

By joy and despair.
By hope and disaster.

For a moment,
two faces become one,
and the turmoil
becomes balanced.

Their struggle for power erupts within,
they want their chance in the spotlight.
Conflicted. Divided.
Two Faces.

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