Love, pain, memories.

Hi everyone, it’s Thursday which means I just got back from the writing workshop. Our latest writing prompt was to write down three things we carry in our heart. I chose Love, Pain, and Memories. Of those three things, we were supposed to select one and write about it. Ten minutes on the timer, and this is what I came up with…

I carry you wherever I go,
in my head and in my heart.

You serve as a cruel reminder that I will never be whole without you.

You stalk me, 
prey on me, 
and when I least suspect, you strike me.

You wind me, 
hurt me, 
and remove all senses I once had.

You cut me, 
scar me, 
and I will never again be who I once was.

I take a breath and my heart starts up. 
I think you enjoy this little game of yours.

One more chance, 
give you one more chance, 
and with you…

You embrace me, 
you heal me, 
you save me.

Enveloping me in your comfort and your warmth.

I carry you in my heart.
I carry you,


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