Stranger in the dark

I wrote this a while back. It was inspired by a post I saw on Facebook where a member of a writing group was trying to piece together an idea for a story: Her MC discovered someone else’s photos on the table in her apartment… Upon reading the member’s post, I wrote this on the fly.


Stranger in the Dark.

Your parents have left town for the weekend, you’re enjoying some well needed time to yourself. A storm rages outside while you’re preparing for your pre-sleep ritual which consists of Netflix, writing group chats, and light snacking. You pull back the covers and climb into bed, turning your TV on as you switch off the lights. You reach for your phone. Missing your parents, you open your phone’s gallery to look at the last pictures you took with them before they left…

But instead, you find a picture of a man with a knife… The first one shows him standing in your bathroom, in front of the mirror. Your stomach drops. You swipe to the side, and there’s another picture of the same man with a knife again. He’s no longer in your bathroom. He’s standing in the hall…

You hold your breath, and your hand begins to shake as you swipe for the next photo. It’s the man, again. This time, he’s holding the knife as he stands outside your bedroom door. Your eyes flick up, staring intently at the door as your heart begins to race. You glance back at your phone as if daring yourself to swipe again. You do, and to your horror, it’s another picture of the man with a knife. Only this time, he’s standing in front of your bed…

You jump, startled, and quickly flick the lamp beside your bed back on. Your phone falls to the floor. Exhaling when you find yourself alone in your room, you drop back onto your bed. Taking several deep breaths while you try to control your racing heart, you realize your phone fell. Smiling at your foolishness and believing the photos to be a prank of your parents, you lean over the bed and grope for your phone.

Surprisingly, it stayed open, and the picture of the man with the knife is staring back at you. As you’re leaning off your bed and reaching for your phone, you slip and accidentally swipe to the next photo. You see a picture of the man in your bed with the knife. Your sheets are torn and covered in blood. You scream and throw your phone across the room…

The bed groans beside you and the lights go out.

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