The Journey to Oclesedor.

After receiving much valuable feedback, honest opinions, and fairly good reviews about Volume 1, I have effectively applied the critique and constructive criticism to The Journey to Oclesedor (Volume 2). While keeping in mind the elements that you all enjoyed throughout Volume 1 true and strong, I feel more confident as I wrap up The Journey to Oclesedor. That being said, it is still in its rough draft stages, but it has a solid direction that I’m more confident in taking than I was before…

I want to thank everyone who took the time to read and review volume 1, your honesty and critique has helped me immensely. Especially in writing the future books of the series. I appreciate all of you!

And don’t forget, our review from Kirkus Reviews will be complete anytime from August 6-20th… in that time I will be posting it on the website and submitting the excerpt to my cover designer so she can put it on the back cover. Super excited!

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