TLOKJ Pronunciation Guide

Hello everyone! I’ve seen this done a few times in other fantasy books so I decided to give it a try. Here is the typed pronunciation guide for characters and locations in Vol. 1. I’ve also attached 3 images with the guide spread between them. 😁

Hopefully it’s not too far off. I hate when something is pronounced completely different than how I read it.

The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol. 1

Pronunciation Guide


Evelyn: Ev-uh-lin

Lucien: Loo-see-in

Ariella: Air-ree-ellah

Ostragorion: Aws-trah-gore-ion

Austin Alvar: Aws-tin Ahl-vawr

Vedis: Vay-diss

Marconius Levi:

Mawr-cone-eeus Lee-vy

Mathias Ramsidan:

Math-eeus Ram-sedan

Jasteroth: Jahs-ter-awth

Penecia Weseras:

Pen-ay-sha Wess-er-ahs

Casp Meodorin II:

Kahsp May-oh-dor-in 2nd

Damien Kazarith:

Day-mee-in Kahz-ar-uth

Xavian: Ex-ay-vee-in

Malenkalion: Mahl-en-kahl-ee-un


Oclesedor: Oh-kless-uh-dor

Eyranmar: Eer-an-uh-mar

Atric Falls Ruins: Ah-trick Falls Ruins

Mount Zulmoor: Mount Tzull-mur

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