Why I give 3 stars.

As an avid reader, fantasy genre fanatic, and author that supports other authors and artists, I have a strict rule that I always follow.

Even if I despised a book, song, product, etc. I will always give a minimum of a 3 star rating. Why, you ask? Even if I believed it was terrible and I wanted to scratch my own eyes out… The reason behind this is because I know how much work went into the book, the song, the story, the product.

Think about it, you’re reading a 300 page book and it just doesn’t resonate with you. Something is lacking. Something is rubbing you the wrong way. You can’t connect with the author, the style, the characters. But it’s still 300 pages, and it’s still published. I can appreciate the amount of time and energy that was invested into the product because I know how consuming it is. The amount of stress and tears, the frustration, the writers block, or the downward spiral of thoughts, it’s not good enough, no one will like it… Followed by doubt doubt doubt…

There are some books like I’ve opened and from the beginning it was a struggle. I’ve also had books which I’ve opened and finished in a day. 500 pagers. But, they didn’t have great reviews. Which leads me to the point of this post. Even if you hate something with a burning passion and you want to pitch it across the room or straight into the dumpster… Think about how hard someone worked to create that. That doesn’t mean you have to finish the book or pretend to enjoy it, but don’t leave 1 star. If something is riddled with many errors and looks like it hasn’t been to an editor which doesn’t happen all the time, mind you..

Just remember, sometimes new authors don’t realize you have to hire an editor. They wrote something and released it to the public without drafting and drafting and drafting. That could be considered as lazy, or that could be considered ignorant to the process… Or maybe they just didn’t know.

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