May 13, 2018

Dear friends, family, and fans,

Do you ever find that some days your brain is in a funk? You’re moping around, you don’t feel like reading, you don’t feel like writing, and all you really do is drag your ass like a zombie while occasionally scrolling down your newsfeed searching for a mild form of entertainment?

Gosh, I had been desiring to write for ages. I want to. I have all these ideas. Some of them are in relation to King Jasteroth, and some are downright morbid, and I want to write, I really do… But as soon as I put the pen to paper, my mind recoils and won’t share any of my blooming ideas that I once had. It’s really frustrating. I can’t write in my living room, I can’t write in Starbucks, I can’t write outside. I’m listening to relaxing music and I feel a surge of ideas coming on every so often, but as soon as I click over into word… Zoom and they’re gone. Maybe a coffee will help. Maybe a walk will help. Maybe wine will help… Just kidding, don’t freak out.

I’ve got 5 great books about writing styles and this and that and technique but my god, I do not want to read. I don’t want to do anything. I feel like blah all over! I even picked up my new Sarah J. Maas books, which I am super stoked to read, but as I mentioned before, my brain is saying HELL NO.

I have been working on this one piece for a while, it is going to be included in my short story collection, which I should warn you… The pieces are very dark and traumatic. If you like light, happy, uplifting stories, I suggest you avoid my short stories like the plague. A lot of people look at me strangely after they’ve read them, and they say things to the effect of, “This didn’t happen to you, did it?” and I give them a stern look and say, “Why doesn’t anyone ask me that about King Jasteroth?” I mean, wouldn’t that be so cool if I could wield a staff of power, ride a horse, and behead my enemies? I mean, that would be pretty cool. But no, people never ask if King Jasteroth ever happened to me. One word to explain this unusual phenomenon. LAME! And the answer is NO, my short stories are 100% fictional, (I’m not that scattered brained, and I also wasn’t trying to distract you from the question!)

Actually… I just got an idea! Damn! I got to go, TTYL.



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