May 6, 2018

Dear Friends, Family, and Fans…


I would like to say that I’m the biggest slacker in the universe, but that’s just not true. I know I haven’t posted on this blog for a couple of weeks, and I apologize. What have I been up to lately?

Here is a small and basic recap of my days.


Writing Volume 2 of The Legacy of King Jasteroth Series (The Journey to Oclesedor).

Sending the EXCLUSIVE prologue of Volume 2 to a few awesome Beta-Readers I found on both Goodreads and Fiverr.

Giving back to my community by beta-reading for fellow authors, new and seasoned.

Advertising. Advertising. Advertising. You may have seen the ads on Amazon for The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol. 1, you may have seen the ads on Facebook, and Instagram. I’ve also inserted it into the Niagara and Toronto region classifieds, Kijiji, and CraveReads.

Dropping off copies to everyone I know from my work to my gym, to my hairdresser’s.

I’ve been running an Amazon Giveaway for USA residents which expires at 11:59pm Sunday, May 6. You could still win, there are 4 prizes left. No purchase necessary, the prize is a paperback copy of The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol. 1

Ordering a hell-ton of Sarah J. Maas books

Trying to read Graceling which I was recommended to read by a fellow Instagrammer, but I just can’t get into it. There’s not enough Sword and Sorcery for my blood, dammit.

Monitoring the price drop on the e-book version across 13 online platforms.


Aside from that, I’m working full-time… Getting my ass kicked every time I set foot in a gym… Trying to spend time with doggo 1 and doggo 2 as well as family, friends, etc.

Please don’t think I’m ignoring you or neglecting you. I’ve been super caught up in getting the word out about King Jasteroth and working extremely hard on Volume 2.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or if you would like me to beta-read a project you’re working on, shoot me a line.

Thank you for understanding!





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