Ever read a book that’s left you feeling underwhelmed? Maybe the characters are all flakes or the writer took the story in a direction you just can’t fathom? So, you’e sitting wherever you sit to read, and you’e reading, obviously, but you start to scratch your head in disbelief whilst repeating the chant, “This is a bestseller? This is a bestseller?”

Maybe, you couldn’t even finish the book. You skimmed it with one eye closed for good measure. Now you’re sitting at your desk working on your own masterpiece but the words won’t come. You’re steadily nibbling away at your nails whilst repeating the chant, “That was a bestseller? That was a bestseller?”

The book you finished reading torments you long after you finished it. You start rocking back and forth; you’ve never had writers block before. What’s happening to you?

The light bulb switches on in your mind. Of course, it was so obvious. Why hadn’t you realized this before.

Bestseller doesn’t mean best-written. Bestseller means best marketing plan. Remember that next time you sit down to write. The more time (and money) you invest into marketing your book, the better chance it has at becoming a best-seller.

Your family means well when they come up with these catchy phrases which make our ears sing, “The book is so good it will sell itself!”

Sorry to shoot you in the leg with a flaming arrow but unless you’re the niece or nephew bearing the last name Rowling, King, Martin, or Trump, you better go Market your book.

Remember the sacred words on your journey, bestseller does not mean best written. You would be lying to yourself if you said you hadn’t’ read at least one bestseller that you disliked so strongly that you wanted to pitch it across the room.

Now go sell your book!


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