April 22, 2018

Dear Friends, Family, and Fans,


I sincerely apologize, this has been my laziest week yet! I haven’t posted anything to the daily blog, I’ve left you all hanging! For good reason though! I don’t have much free time between jobs, so the little free time that I do have, I’ve been extensively reading as well as… Writing! What have I been working on lately? Besides the 2nd Volume of King Jasteroth (yay), I’ve also been working on a collection of short stories which SOME are now available exclusively on Amazon.


Kindle Unlimited Members can read them for FREE

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  • Due to the graphic content of the short stories, anyone under 18 should not read.
  • They are classified under Amazon’s Short Story/Psychological genres.



They Broke Me – S. L. WYLLIE

They Broke Me; a heartwrenching short story of a bullied teenager who claims her own life.




It’s Too Late – S. L. WYLLIE

It’s Too Late
; a gut-twisting short story of a troubled man whose failures in life lead him to take ‘the leap’ – and end his own.



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