April 7, 2018

Dear friends, family, and fans,

Thank you to everyone who has been reaching out to me lately, your kind words and advice are greatly appreciated! Also, thank you for sharing the heck out of King Jasteroth, yesterday we finally passed 100 likes on the FB page…

So here’s what’s up… Book Launch party coming to a city near you. Check back often for more details.

Podcasts, coming soon. We have a couple planned for soon, and a big one planned for when the FB page hits 250 Likes… Keep on sharing!

Audiobooks? I’ve gotten a few requests for audiobooks. It isn’t at the top of my to-do list but I promise you that when King Jasteroth takes off, we will 100% do an audiobook.

Library, coming soon. Working on Toronto, Niagara, and Cowichan Valley… Check back often for more updates.

And May is going to be a big month… In May, King Jasteroth will be in the brick and mortar stores SALES CATALOGUES which means that you may see us on the shelves in the future.

Also… I owe one signed book to our most active member on the Facebook page in March… I will list the top 5 here, and then I will do a little draw on the video for you. Check back later to see the top 5 finalists in March, (gosh, it sounds like a game show… cheesy much?) Check back to see if you made the cut!




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