April 6, 2018

Dear friends, family, and fans…

Where do I begin? I was browsing through The Legacy of King Jasteroth‘s FB page and I happened to notice that it has been a month since the Ebook was first released and my sister helped me set up the Social Media accounts. Going back to that first post, I can’t believe the transformation of the content and the page itself. I mean, we have 96 Likes on the FB page… Over 180 Followers on Instagram – Some of those people I met randomly, the % of complete strangers is extremely low there… And roughly 40 followers on Twitter which I recently created, maybe two weeks ago. I mean, this is insane. Some of you may laugh and say well 180 followers is not a lot in a month but I will prove you wrong now. I do not participate in the follow/unfollow scheme that many people use to grow their accounts, everyone I’ve added I actually interact with somewhere or somehow – not just adding random strangers accounts to boost my numbers. Now what’s cool about this is that a lot of these followers are your friends too, my wonderful fans who have been going out on a limb to spread the word about King Jasteroth and I appreciate you to Jupiter and back. (The moon is not far enough and terribly cliché)+(Sailor Jupiter is my hero).



What’s new and exciting with King Jasteroth… We are currently being reviewed by two more totally amazing book review bloggers.

I would like to thank @booksbydaisy who I met on Instagram… Her reviews are THOROUGH, and she’s very honest about what she does and doesn’t like; she doesn’t miss a thing. I look forward to her review!

Also being reviewed by Nordic Soul Books as well. What I really enjoyed about Nordic Soul’s review style is they provide a thorough review using a system they call the magic of threes; three points about what they enjoyed in the book. You will also find a hint of constructive criticism wrapped up nicely in the summary of the review.



This is very exciting for me but also a little nerve-wracking. I’m not worried about having my feelings hurt because at the end of the day the agent’s say, that the industry of writing and publishing is subjective. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And with the advice of my super supportive mom, I have been writing down all the pro’s and con’s from every review onto a list so I can improve my writing for the rest of the series. I’m not perfect and I don’t pretend to be, but if I can try why wouldn’t I?

Anyways, super stoked to keep passing around The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol.1 because… Something about hearing other people’s perspectives, thoughts, opinions, criticism… It almost gives me a rush… My brain starts ticking, faster, spinning, and believe it or not, the crazier my brain starts going, the more I can write. More ideas flow more easily, and I can keep in mind all the little bits and pieces from each person that read it, reviewed it, critiqued it, and overall I can work on myself and improve my writing in future works.

Again I say, thank you all; I appreciate each and every one of you. You amaze me, you make me incredibly happy, and without you this book, (I was going to say stupid manuscript until I realized I finally made it past that stage)… Without you, this book would still be a stupid manuscript. Or, maybe it would just be a bunch of scribbled notes on a page in a binder in the back of my drawer collecting dust becoming another broken, lost, or forgotten dream…


Thank you!


One thought on “April 6, 2018

  1. This book is really inspiring. You have created a world with so many moving parts. Wow it makes my head spin. I can picture your words like they are playing on a private screen in my head that’s just for me. I look forward to experiencing the rest of the series.


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