April 3, 2018

Good morning my friends, family, and fans,

I am super excited for 2 reasons that I am dying to share with you. First, my order of King Jasteroth bookmarks is arriving in the mail tomorrow, wow so exciting… I’ve got 2 designs, one being the traditional cover of the book, and the second being some of the artwork that is currently featured on our Facebook Page.

Second, I am like 90% going to the BookCon event in New York City in June… Who else is going to BookCon? It’s pretty much going to be the highlight of my summer, and I’m totally ecstatic. I can’t wait to check it out, and if I do go, I am 1000% signing up for the Fantasy/Sci-Fi writing workshop… See you there?!

Thank you to all my advance readers who have been reading their brains out and reviewing The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol.1,

I am so appreciative of you and your diligence! Your honest reviews help get the word out about King Jasteroth… Why? Because as strange as this may sound to you, a lot of people don’t want to read an unrated book by a nobody author. Thank you for helping me launch my debut novel, you guys rock!


Did I mention that I’m going to be reviewed by various Book Bloggers?

My first review by a Book Blogger:

Look for The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol. 1 on Hannah’s blog called Beauty Title. Click the link below, subscribe, and check out her reviews!


Beauty Title by Hannah



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