March 25, 2018

Good morning my wonderful friends, family, and fans!

First, I would like to start off by thanking A LOT of people. What a fabulous launch day we had on Friday and Saturday, and it’s all because of YOU guys. You and your mouths, and your busy fingers; talking about The Legacy of King Jasteroth and relentlessly sharing my book across your social media accounts.
Thank you to all the people who took time out of their busy days to give The Legacy of King Jasteroth a chance. Thank you for reading, thank you for reviewing, and thank you for buying it! You are so amazing! I am forever grateful and appreciative of your acceptance and the support you’ve given me. Thank you for all the constructive criticism, and thank you for just being you.

I didn’t think this was possible, in fact, when I first started writing The Legacy of King Jasteroth Series, it really was just an idea that developed over the course of several dreams. When I began to write it down, I had times when I asked myself, why am I doing this? Is this even any good? Am I wasting my time? What do I think is going to come of this? Would anyone ever read this besides my husband, aunt, and mom? Would people laugh at me?

A lot of the time I strongly believed that I was wasting my time; I had that little voice in my head constantly telling me that this would never work, that I was too insecure to show the manuscript to anyone outside of my immediate family. But for some reason, even when that voice in my head became so loud that I nearly shredded everything, I didn’t stop writing. I took my insecurities, my doubts, and my overwhelming emotions about everything and I channeled it into my writing. I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote. Sometimes I wrote for ten hours straight. Writing, crossing things out, throwing things, writing some more, and drinking lots of coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. And somehow, miraculously, I was able to put together a manuscript. A very rough first draft of one, but just being able to say I finished something for once… Felt amazing.

I didn’t see it going any further than that; sitting unedited in a binder in my house. Hundreds of pages of words written, collecting dust. Maybe for future relatives to find in my estate sale? My family said that they were proud of me and that even if that was as far as I got, they were proud that I finished what I had started. But that was it. It wasn’t finished. I wasn’t finished. Truthfully, I had just started.

It took me two months to write the first volume of The Legacy of King Jasteroth. It was a solid 90,000 words, unedited, filled with plotholes and some inconsistencies, but with the help of my family, I was able to make sense of everything. After the first round of major edits, I was surprised to find that the word count had grown to over 100, 000 words. I had read on various publishing blogs that a debut novel should be under the 100,000 mark, that anywhere around 70-80k was acceptable, and that when you edited the manuscript, you could end up losing a few thousand words, maybe more. Yet the more I read it, the more I reviewed it, and the more I edited it, the bigger it became. After surpassing the 100k mark, I decided to split my story into two. The first being the story within Volume 1 which I almost subtitled as The Sword of her Ancestors, and the Volume 2 almost being subtitled the Journey to Oclesedor. In fact, I had fancy names and titles for all of my chapters as well, which took an incredibly long time to create… But it was necessary. I felt like these fancy names and titles took away from the story in some way; I mean, they looked and sounded cool, but after much thought, I decided plain numbers were more appropriate, more traditional. I created a story that was inspired by traditional fantasy stories, and I wanted it to be as much like those stories as I could, using my own voice and own words in hopes that one day, it would be like those traditional fantasy stories, (one can dream).

This is getting incredibly long and I apologize but I also thank anyone who has made it this far, you’re amazing. Thank you. The point of this was that I didn’t think I could do it. I wanted to quit a million times. I wanted to give up. Everything in my head was screaming at me to stop wasting my time, that it would never go anywhere. The inner struggle was real. Is real.

I can’t believe I have a book published. I am in complete disbelief. It feels surreal to see my name on the cover of a book. People have been so supportive of me, and still, I’m not sure how far this will go. I wish I could make the Canadian Best Seller list; apparently, you need to sell 5000 copies to make it. That would be pretty cool. I mean, it’s kind of a goal for me, but the amount of marketing I would have to do… And I’m not great at speaking, or social event things, or drawing unnecessary attention to myself, it’s actually kind of terrifying… And there’s the voice again, talking myself out of a kind of goal. Damn. I want this so bad. Almost to prove to myself that I can do it. Does that make sense? You want to do something to prove yourself wrong? I mean, I don’t mind being wrong…

Scrap all that! This was supposed to be a thank you to my friends, family, and fans. Not a rant about my inner turmoil and insecurities, dammit! I want to be a Canadian Best Seller, and no matter how terrible some people may find my book, and the fact that fantasy doesn’t appeal to everyone… I am going to market the hell out of this thing, and I’m going watch it climb that ladder to 5000. 1 sale at a time.


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