March 23, 2018


Dear Friends, Family, and Fans,

Today’s date is March 23, 2018, and that can only mean one thing. We are one day away from the most anticipated thing of your week, and I’m not talking about the weekend either! The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol.1 will be LIVE on the Amazon Marketplace in both beautiful countries of USA and Canada!

1 DAY LEFT until party time!


Here are two important things for you all to know,
$7.99USD on
$13.54CAD on
These prices do not include applicable tax or shipping, but don’t fear! The paperback is Amazon Prime eligible, which means that if you, or a friend, or a relative have an Amazon Prime Membership, that you qualify for free shipping OR heavily discounted shipping with Prime. Whew!
Another thing, if $7.99USD or $13.54CAD doesn’t fit the budget right now, we have a very budget friendly option, the EBOOK version which is $2.99USD and $3.91CAD, no shipping as it is electronic/digital.


Ratings and Reviews:

  • Please remember to give the book a rating. If you enjoyed it, please say so. If you didn’t, please provide constructive criticism so it can be applied to future works.
  • *Your rating/review should be based on the CONTENT INSIDE of the book, (the writing, story, etc.)
  • If Amazon sends you something you deem as defective or low quality, it is your responsibility to contact them for either a NEW one or your money back.
  • Please do not rate the content of my book LOW because you feel that the manufacturer sent you a lemon.
  • If you truly believe it deserves a low score based on the content within, then rate away.


Thank you!

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