March 19, 2018

Good Afternoon, Friends, Family, and Fans,

Today’s date is Monday, March 19th, 2018

Wow I can’t believe it, the days are getting shorter and shorter, we are less than a week away from the release of the paperback version of The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol.1 which will be available on March 24, 2018, on







How cool is that? I am so excited to share this with you, my readers are excited, my reviewers are excited, this is AMAZING! Don’t forget to look for us on The Digital Book Spot where we will be featured on March 24, 2018. Our Ebook is having a special promotion of $2.99USD, make sure you check us out! We will be in the daily newsletter and on the site! Cool cool cool!


Things you need to know that I’m sure you’ve forgotten.


  • The most active person in the last week on our Facebook page, The Legacy of King Jasteroth is going to receive a free paperback for their efforts.
  • We will also be giving a free paperback to one of our members when our page hits 100 likes, so INVITE INVITE INVITE. The Legacy of King Jasteroth is a good read and an even greater gift to your friends and family. Cool!
  • The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol. 1 EBOOK version will be available for $2.99USD
  • Paperback version will be available on for $7.99USD


Check back often for more promotions, book launches, signings, or other coolness!


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