March 12, 2018

Good evening, friends, family, and fans, S.L. WYLLIE here, aka KingJasteroth. Hope everyone is having a marvelous late Sunday early Monday, I know I am. Every day I wake up the sun rises earlier and sets later, the birds are chirping outside my damn window at five am and the squirrels have returned to torment my dogs in the backyard.

A bit of news for you, my 3F’s, I’m starting a little promotion as of today. The task at hand is word of mouth, call, text, invite, and share. When The Legacy of King Jasteroth’s Facebook page reaches 100 likes, I will be giving out a signed copy of The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol. 1, my debut novel, first-time author, 100% Canadian, from the north, #WeTheNorth.


My second activity for my beloved 3F’s includes five of you, a copy of The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol.1 each, a few hours of your time, and your most honest unbias review of my book to be posted on Amazon and Goodreads. This task must be completed BEFORE April 5, 2018, as that is the actual release day of our paperback version. *VOLUNTEERS MUST LIVE IN THE GREATER GOLDEN HORSESHOE AREA*

The Ebook version is already LIVE and available on 9 retailers, with 2 more listings being added this week.

Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Nook, Indigo, Tolino, Angus & Robertson, Scribd, and Playster. 
Next week look for us on Smashwords and Google Play.

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